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Encrypts mobile communication and
protects against hacking attacks


Smartphones are becoming increasingly subjected to silent attacks. Users are unaware that their device has been infected and no antivirus can detect these threats.

The Number 1 weakest security link for businesses are mobile devices.
(CyberEdge Group)

Most organisations are unaware that the single biggest threat to their network security now comes from smartphones. SMS attacks, SMS fraud, identity theft and the use of IMSI catchers are on the increase, providing cyber criminals with ready access to personal and business data.

With the growth in BYOD - employees using their own mobile devices for work - and a lack of protection on corporate supplied devices, businesses are highly vulnerable to a data breach. Smartphone hacking software is readily available online, allowing fraudsters and hackers to unlock smartphone passwords, access sensitive data and breach an organisation’s IT security.

The benefits of Verji are:


  • Secure voice calls using ZRTP end to end encryption

  • Secure messaging using 256 AES end to end encryption

  • SMS attacksProtection against SMS based attacks, including silent 

  • Protection against attacks using Fake Cell Tower

  • serverBuy as a hosted solution or have a dedicated in house

  • Easy to install and no training needed to use

  • Can be branded with company logo

  • Available for Android, IOS & Android compatible Blackberry

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