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Bowater Authenticated


Having launched its range of solutions in 2015, Bowater has proven its technologies to be amongst the most advanced and robust available.


The company’s core technology, the BowaterHologram™, is the most advanced form of hologram available on the market for several reasons:


1. It is at the point of publishing this document the only commercially available real colour, 3D, volume hologram available on the market.


2. When serialised, it is the only hologram commercially available in industrial quantities that has unique serial number embedded in the hologram at the point of manufacture.


3. The equipment and know-how used to manufacture the BowaterHologram™ was developed in secret and remains a secret. We will not ever share, license to third parties or make this knowledge commercially available.


When fully integrated with digital, mobile and other technologies, the level of security which Bowater customers enjoy is unparalleled.


As well as the Identity security market, where Bowater has established itself with a number of high profile customers, the combination of technologies deployable by Bowater is attracting customers in areas such as:


1. Qualification certificates – to counter the growing problem of qualification, fraud that costs both money - and in the case of medical qualification fraud - has cost lives.


2. Education competence credentials – that combining the security of the ID solution with the ability to track and manage qualifications in industries where this is increasingly important, such as aviation.


3. Tax stamps – to enable tax authorities to have greater control over their tax stamp programmes with both enhanced audit trails and our investigation apps.


4. Consumer Goods – to protect both brands and their customers from the global drain on legitimate business of counterfeiting and parallel trade.


5. Foods and Pharmaceuticals – to help brands comply with new legislation and protect patients from the massive problem of counterfeit drugs.


6. Ticketing – to add additional security to event ticketing and reduce the risk of ticket touting, providing a safe secondary ticket market.


In addition to the security element of the solutions, Bowater’s solutions also provide additional value with functions that include consumer engagement, track and trace, inventory management, data capture and a growing number of others.


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