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PassFort CLM Provides Client Lifecycle Management Software in the Cloud



PassFort is the first company to develop Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) software in the cloud that regulated businesses of all sizes can use to automate, measure & improve customer onboarding and risk assessment processes. We empower compliance teams by enabling them to spend less time information handling and more time decision-making.



Compliance analysts spend only 10% of their time on Decision-Making and Analysis today. 75% of their time is spent on Data Collection and 15% is spent on Data Processing & Management.


That means a compliance officer is spending over 90% of their working time on tasks that could be automated. It also means that close to 90% of your people expenditure generates little to no ROI. Time and money is being wasted on a monumental scale. Businesses are left wholly unprotected.



PassFort CLM combines two custom-built and proprietary technologies to offer a solution to this problem.


PassFort Engine allows businesses to automate the Data Collection, Processing & Management of customer onboarding. These pre-integrated building blocks are supported by our unique stage-driven design and consist of customisable verification, risk management and decision-making stages.


PassFort Identity enables consistent and auditable decision-making processes so that compliance teams can handle exceptions, alerts and notifications generated by the PassFort Engine. We’ve developed tooling to enable compliance teams to effectively collaborate on customer data and evidence why particular decisions have been made.



PassFort CLM is designed to help businesses adopt an “always on” compliance mindset. By automating information handling and providing tooling to empower compliance decision-makers we enable businesses to deliver better customer experiences and grow.

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