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Cyber Security


The Security Circle in alliance with the world renowned Edinburgh Napier University has developed a comprehensive programme of Cyber Security Training Courses. The courses cover all of the relevant threat and knowledge that companies and organisations need to know to keep themselves as safe as they can be.

The courses are accessible for single delegates to attend on a half-day basis in
Glasgow, Edinburgh Aberdeen and London and they can be tailored training
to specific business’s requirements. Our team spend time listening to how
a particular business works, evaluate their workplace and then deliver a
training solution that is designed to benefit their specific business needs and

Our programme currently consists of:


  • Digital Threats and Due Diligence for Business

  • The Insider Threat - Employees and Contractors

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Loss Detection (DLD) Masterclass

  • Incident Response & Disaster Recovery Masterclass

  • Employee Training - Keep your Business and Data Safe

  • Online Reputation for Businesses

  • OSINT - Learn How to Truly Search the Internet

  • CPD for Solicitors

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