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Digital Forensics


Computer Forensics is the study of computer systems in order to preserve, extract, analyze and report any data related to malpractice, fraud, any kind of crime or malicious activity.

Computer Forensics include the study of volatile memory (RAM), the permanent memory (ROM), hard disks and other magnetic and optical storage media. It however extends to several other areas. Here at Strathclyde Forensics we refer to that umbrella of disciplines as Digital Forensics. Browsing through our menus, you can see all the different areas where digital forensics expand.

Computer forensics include the discovery, recovery, analysis and reporting of several forms of data including electronic documents, emails, web pages, internet browsing history, login details, access to other devices like printers or networks, images, video, sound, and even traces of local activity.


Our experts at The Security Circle have the expertise, the right people and the technology to provide exceptional computer forensic services and deliver reporting and evidence that will stand in court. 

We work together with our clients in order to ensure that their goals are achieved and that they have received all the necessary expert advice in order to make the right choices.


We undertake forensic work on the following devices and platforms:

   Mobile Forensics


  • iPhone Forensics

  • Android Forensics

  • Blackberry Forensics

  • NOKIA Forensics

  • Tablet Forensics

  • Cell Site Data Analysis

  • Legacy Mobiles

    Specialist Services


  • Incident Response

  • Smart Cards / RFID chips

  • Vehicle computers

  • Black Boxes

 Computer Forensics

  • Data Recovery

  • Data Erasure

  • CD/DVD Forensics

  • USB Device Forensics

  • FDD/ZIP Drive Forensics

  • Cloud Forensics

  • RAID Recovery

       Other Devices


  • SatNav Forensics

  • ATM Forensics

  • Copier/Printer Forensics

  • Console Forensics

  • XBOX Forensics

  • PlayStation Forensics

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