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Cyber Security
Training for Financial Services


The Security Circle - in alliance with the world renowned Edinburgh Napier University offer a range of specialist courses in cyber security for businesses and financial institutions.

Through practical training on real-life scenarios, we give cyber professionals the skills, tools and confidence to design and deliver effective security management and incident response protocols, with a deep understanding of different network environments.

We deliver bespoke training in areas including:

Digital Investigation
The underpinning knowledge of network infrastructures and potential threats to enable proactive and effective threat management and incident investigation.

Data Loss Prevention
Understanding the main risks and threats to customer and business data and giving the skills and knowledge needed to prevent data loss.

Secure Online Trading

Standards for secure eCommerce and customer data management, giving consumer confidence in digital encryption and secure online transactions.

Advanced Digital Investigator

Consolidating underpinning
knowledge with simulated and real life scenarios for deep understanding of digital evidence and use in 

investigative situations.

Network Architecture

Giving an in-depth knowledge of public and private web
infrastructures and their interaction with business

and consumer systems.

Digital Risk

Helping technical or non-technical managers to identify and mitigate their main risks, and create a prioritised action plan for addressing them.

Digital Forensics

The skills, methods and tools

for investigating and securing evidence on criminal behaviour

or intruder attacks. We are an EnCase Centre of Excellence.

Investigating DDoS

Capture, Storage and Analysis of DDoS attacks using a range of logs from web servers and networked devices, and tools including Wireshark, Snort and Splunk.

Cybercrime Legal Landscape

Current considerations in terms of business obligations, how the law supports businesses online, and any pitfalls to avoid.


Introductory, intermediate

and advanced training for law
enforcement and security
professionals in applying the industry standard tool to real digital forensic scenarios.

Big Data in Cyber Security

Analysis of data logs to identify
patterns and anomalies for threat detection, and how to use feature selection and machine learning to speed up response times and effectiveness.

Digital Evidence for Solicitors

This course will focus on introducing digital evidence to solicitors, advocates, paralegals and other professionals working in related functions.

Penetration Testing &

Cyber Attack Simulation

Testing resilience and responsiveness through live training exercises based on real-life threat scenarios.

Software Programming
& Engineering

Design, development, implementation and integration across platforms for secure systems architecture and software applications.

Cell Site Analysis Workshop

Providing details of how mobile
networks work and hands-on
experience of activities undertaken to progress a digital forensics investigation.


Tools and techniques for secure data management and information sharing in the context of data leakage
and information threats.

Executive Master Class:

Giving senior managers the key insights and analysis to make informed decisions about investment in digital security from a business

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