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The BowaterHolotronic Security ID Card


Designed in conjunction with a US based team of experts, Bowater’s approach to identity provides both government and corporate organisations with secure identity credentials that are extremely easy to use, but exceptionally secure on all levels.


A good example of how we can apply our full technology stack to provide a complete solution to a specific problem is the work we have done for a US based organisation. This customer needed a secure ID card that included both physical and digital multi factor authentication:


Enhanced Visual Security – using the BowaterHologram™ - the world’s most secure hologram in its enumerated form, provided as a complete overlay to prevent tampering with the information on the card.


Public data authentication – to enable the public to verify the identity of the bearer easily and without special technology using any smartphone barcode scanner in additional to the hologram.

Private data authentication – to enable officials to access confidential information on the card without risk to security or unauthorised access of the confidential data.

Emergency medical information – accessible by emergency medical technicians in the event of the bearer being involved in an accident.


Inter agency operability and authentication – enabling agencies to trust the identity cards of members from other agencies or organisations using the BowaterHolotronic™ Security card. This is considered to be a key function by our customer.


Data and record management – to ensure that the information on the card is accurate and up to date.


Card management and replacement – to streamline the process and ensure that it is robust, as well ensuring that the cards are replaced regularly to ensure their security.


Having looked at the, market, the customer chose Bowater as the only provider that could deliver on all of its requirements. As well as benefitting from Bowater’s full technology stack, the customer also asked us to develop some additional and advanced ID Security functions which must be kept confidential.

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