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Superyacht Cyber Security


The growing complexity of superyachts in this age of the Internet of Things (IoT) means the industry is relying more and more on Information Communication and Technology (ICT) to optimise yacht performance and operations. Vessels are being connected with services provided from shore-side networks via the internet to enable and improve essential maritime operations such as navigation, propulsion, security and communications. These systems are all vulnerable to cyber attack, threatening the safety of the vessel and crew and the security of the data belonging to the superyacht and its owner.

Many owners and vessels are therefore vulnerable to attack and will not have applied suitable rigour to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of
their on-board systems and data.


The Threat is Real
In 2013, the 65m yacht, White Rose of Drachs, was steered off course, without the crew being aware, whilst sailing from Monaco to Rhodes.

  • Superyacht Cyber Vulnerabilities

  • Control systems attacked, disabling the yacht

  • Navigation interference: ECDIS, GNSS, AIS

  • Ransom demand after data encrypted

  • Covert surveillance of communications

  • Exposure of private photos or video

  • All communications blocked

  • Theft of personal data

  • Attack from drone platform

Cyberprism Maritime provides a holistic range of bespoke cyber services to protect maritime platforms from cyber attack and ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical information, data and systems.

We leverage an unparalleled expertise in maritime security and cyber technologies to audit on-board systems and identify threats, offer a remediating action plan to remove vulnerabilities, and then deliver a unique maritime cyber protection package (Yachtguard™ and Marinaguard™) to protect and assure 24/7.

Our team is a unique blend of military maritime security professionals and nationally renowned cyber and digital forensic experts. We blend government level security expertise with the nationally acclaimed technical output of Warwick and Plymouth’s maritime cyber research units.

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